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Providing Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural business solutions & outcomes by sourcing unique services, opportunities, alliances & partnerships on the Navajo Reservation or

in any Tribal community.


About Us​

We are a Navajo Owned Company that operates globally with offices based on Navajo Nation USA, Las Vegas Nevada, Toronto Ontario (CAD), with plans to expand to Asia & Europe in future.  The NAAC supports the activities in private sector business development upon the Nation by providing  Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural solutions and outcomes to businesses through sourcing of unique services, opportunities, alliances and partnerships in Native and Tribal communities.


Our mission is to become a key community asset necessary in the development and success of the Sovereign Nation focused on utilizing their expansive versatile land mass, utility resources, and technical capacity of the Navajo Network. 

Our Approach

We help businesses using three functions:

  1. Intervention:  We intervene when necessary and guide the process to a more productive avenue. We also create a safe environment that is receptive to the exchange of constructive feedback.

  2. Encourage Objectivity:  We theorize and experiment with new approaches of accomplishing goals, objectives, tasks, or problem solving.

  3. Education:  We facilitate resolutions for businesses by learning from different perspectives and cultures, and taking different approaches to each independent solution. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” model. 


Let Our Time & Experience Save You Money

  • We guide and/or align with clients through very complicated, tedious, and frustrating processes and help them reach decisions and achieve outcomes quickly, efficiently through a structured process. 

  • We provide strategies to handle conflicts between any required Tribal/Federal government bodies or agencies as well as other non-productive participant behaviors that impede the business process. 

  • We absolve business parties from the responsibility of handling the discussion and always staying neutral.

  • We identify and solve problems and improve the effectiveness of the businesses processes and outcomes.

  • We build community within our alliances, making sure that each person is included, heard, and valued.

  • We help businesses bring their own experiences to the living tradition and culture the Navajo share .

  • We keep focus on a common goal and a common process.

  • We record the business discussion and decisions, and provide an efficient way to reach consensus and productive outcomes.

  • We never lose objectivity.



To learn more about the Navajo County & surrounding areas, including lifestyle, real estate listings, livability & cost of living,  click here.


Building Alliances is Organizing Power.

Our alliances are a credible group of independent businesses brought together to accomplish a specific goal to benefit all key stakeholders involved.

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