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The Navajo Nation is located at the center of the four corners of the southwest United States with access to nearby domestic and international airports, airstrips, railroad and major highways (I-40 corridor).


Native American tribes have been practicing legal international and inter-tribal trade for generations. Some examples include the American Indian Tobacco Trade which allowed for the distribution of branded tobacco products to other tribes without taxation, and trading with Cuba during the height of the U.S. government enforced embargo. 

Cannabis may be transferred to legal jurisdictions including Tribal, Sovereign, Interstate & International locations via:​

Land:  Along the I-40 corridor, the most commercially traveled interstate highway in the world.

Rail: Non-stop commercial routes along the I-40 corridor.

Air:  There are 8 airports in and around the Navajo Nation that import and export both domestic & international

See map below.

To apply for a cannabis license on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and reap these rewards, click here.