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We are inviting worldwide businesses to base their operations and distribution strategies on the Sovereign Navajo Nation to foster further development of products and services within the agricultural industry.

Our mission is to support the development of organic, sustainable agricultural businesses and investments, develop and strengthen the capacities of Native businesses and service providers, and help them overcome any hurdles and bottlenecks they may face.

In a situation where agricultural production is entirely new, the NAAC makes sure information is accessible, stimulates innovation, and supports local farmers and businesses in building the necessary capacities they need.  We also provide a robust global network of alliances that links suitable stakeholders and ensure they mutually communicate their requirements and coordinate their activities. The NAAC makes sure that all stakeholders are heard, and mediates between the different interests of those parties involved.  

At the NAAC, we work to find the business model that meets the needs of all parties concerned and maximizes the benefits of being located on a Sovereign Nation.  These partnerships can reap rewards that equal or surpass those available in other ventures.

The NAAC provides the following activities in the development of organic / agricultural businesses on Navajo:

  • Providing agricultural businesses with initial links to suitable business partners (e.g. processors, traders) and service providers (e.g. business development services, financial service providers);

  • Coaching businesses on implementing their role, and stimulate the development of the required capacities (participation in trainings, exchange workshops, exposure visits etc.);

  • Remaining unbiased towards all businesses & entities but exclusively promoting the Native farmer's interests first and foremost.

  • We focus on addressing quality issues and/or field problems including pesticide management, as well as the stringent certification aspects required. 

  • We never advise a business to cover more functions than they are able to manage.

  • The NAAC only puts people in place who have the required experience and skills, including foreign 'experts'.

  • We focus mainly on multiple (export) markets, realizing the importance of product and market diversification.

  • Lobbying to create a more enabling environment for organic and other agricultural businesses

  • We keep our clients up to date and current on important aspects influencing the businesses we serve (e.g. government policies, competitive disadvantages).

  • We never neglect the aspect of scale (break even!) and scalability (impact!).


We are developing a campus of agricultural and farming businesses designed for them to thrive without the intrusiveness, taxation and complicated laws most of the industry currently faces.  The atmosphere is inclusive and conductive in an environment that companies, even competitors, can co-exist and work together. There a many advantages to doing business with the Navajo Nation and they are inviting businesses world-wide to take advantage of them.


With over 110,000 acres of ready to grow fields, buildings available, unlimited water & power & access to labor at a much lower cost, this is an unconventional but profitable opportunity to consider.

Working towards an enabling environment:


Some aspects of the business environment of a specific country cause obstacles to agri-businesses in general. Weaknesses in transport infrastructure, financial services and legal systems affect many types of businesses, and are not easily changed. However, there are some aspects that cause obstacles specifically to organic businesses such as pesticide application schemes, compulsory fumigation of agricultural goods for export, fertilizer subsidies and the promotion of GMOs.


For identifying these obstacles, it is important to consult with and listen to the practitioners and expert consultants involved in organic and agricultural businesses. In many countries, there are either national or international schemes to support the development of agri-businesses. Often they include cost sharing arrangements for setting up processing or storage facilities, or export promotion programmes. Agricultural businesses should be able to benefit from these schemes as well. Transparent and proactive information about the existence of these schemes, for example via the organic agriculture movement of the country, is a first step in this.



The Navajo Nation is located at the four corners of the southwest United States with access to nearby domestic and international airports, airstrips, railroad and major highways (I-40 corridor).


The Nation has been declared a USA Opportunity Zone which allows for new investments, under certain conditions, to be eligible for preferential tax treatment because it is an economically- distressed community.  


Like state governments, tribal governments are considered sovereign governments not subject to taxation by the federal or State governments.  ie. Duty tariffs on imports.  


The Navajo Nation also has access to unlimited water rights and low-cost electricity with large, multiple facilities that produce energy. 


A FTZ presents major cost savings to tribes and businesses through several different avenues. 


There are already many designated land parcels and buildings available to immediately lease that can also be retrofit to suit any company's needs.  With low lease rates, this can significantly reduce operating costs for the business.  



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