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The Navajo Nation has an area of over 27,000 square miles and is situated on the four corners of the southwestern Colorado Plateau, within the CO, NM, AZ, UT States in America. Very often, the size is compared to that of the state of West Virginia and remains the largest reservation in the United States with a population of over 350,000. The Navajo Nation has remained completely Sovereign through their refusal to sign the Indian Reorganization Act, presented by the U.S. Congress in 1934.

The Navajo Nation has an elected government that includes an executive office, a legislative house, and a judicial system. They manage a large law enforcement and social services apparatus, health services, Diné College, and other local educational trusts.  They also have their own corporate, banking, environmental and diplomatic missions and have many strategic relationships with other Tribes and other countries, such as Switzerland, Israel and Cuba. 

As a Sovereign Nation of the USA, the Navajo are able to enact their own regulations and laws concerning cannabis but model their rules to align with those states that have already legalized so not to be in conflict.   While the US government's position on cannabis production does not allow for any business to receive any tax credits and employer benefits in this industry, on this Nation there are several readily available (Read Wilkinson Memo).  With less federal, state, city and county taxes and fees to pay as well as low labour & utility costs, they are offering this unique and profitable opportunity to grow with us.

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